Tuesday, November 27, 2007

VSTS 2008 Web Test Forms Authentication

With the release of Visual Studio 2008 I was eager to test the Web Testing functionality to see if my issues from 2005 had been resolved. If you remember, Visual Studio 2005 did not support forms authentication with its web test functionality (see original post: Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition Web Test and the follow up VSTS Web Test Error Found).

Seeing as there is a hot fix for Visual Studio 2005 to resolve this issue, I figured the issue would be resolved with 2008. I figured this was finally my chance to make heavy use of the Web Test functionality. I opened up Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite and gave a simple web test a shot. No go! I receive the same exact errors I received with 2005.

How is this possible? How has such a blatant issue existed for over 2 years now? I know Microsoft is aware of it (based on the existence of the Knowledge Base article) so why hasn't someone resolved it for the release of 2008?

I'm very disappointed by this. So at this point I'm stuck looking for a work around. I'm still looking for suggestions if anyone has them.

Note that this is really a cookie problem and not a forms authentication issue. The cookie is sent to the client but never returned to the server. When I find a suitable workaround I'll post it here.

--John Chapman


Anonymous said...

Have you found any solution/ work around??

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

I've monitored the execution of a load test with NetMon and the authentication works fine! The test agent correctly sends all the cookies back.

To check this, I've created a virtual lab with 3 machines: a controller with Visual Studio 2008, a test agent and an application server. I'm using VS 2008 RTM.

Anonymous said...

Hi John

Is there a fix for this? The web test looks like it sends the cookie info back in the Request tab, but back on the server the cookie object is Nothing.


Anonymous said...

how to test form validations


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