Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Adventures

I was originally going to write this on Tuesday, but I realized that with it being April 1st, people may have thought I was joking.  I have decided to leave Ryder.  Tomorrow, Friday April 4th will be my last day.

I have found an opportunity to work as an independent contractor building an application dealing with a domain that I am very passionate about.  I can honestly say that the application I'll be working on is one that I would love to use myself.  How often do we get to say things like that as developers?  I figured this was an opportunity I had to take.

Ryder has served me very well.  I first started at Ryder at the end of 2004.  I've had the chance to work with some great people.  I've also had the chance to interact with people of all levels in the company.  There were people at Ryder that took good care of me, helping obtain 24" monitors (to replace 17" CRTs for most people) to increase productivity as well as state of the art development machines.  I'll miss working with them.

I worked on the LMS team at Ryder, which is probably the largest externally facing application at Ryder (don't quote me on that).  I do know that they are backfilling my position, so if you are looking for a new adventure yourself, send them your resume.

--John Chapman

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