Friday, May 30, 2008

Been Gone

I just wanted to make a post so people knew I was still alive.  I've been extremely busy over the past two months.  I haven't forgotten about this blog, and I really want to get back to writing.  I really want to get further on the Sudoku series.

Lately I've been focusing on architecture of a Model-View-Presenter based WPF application.  The current complexities which are being analyzed is that users will have many duplicate views open at the same time, each working on a different item.  So picture 40 or more edit windows open on the same time, some for different items, some for the same items.  Some have similar child widgets, some have different child widgets.  Screens still need to talk to each other, but they have to talk to the appropriate screen.  Oh, and btw, performance is absolutely crucial on this app. 

The standard Model-View-Presenter samples you see really don't address these issues.  Typically there is one main form which acts as a shell, and there is one region where a given view can live.  Not here, that view can be in any number of places, and there can be any number of them.  It makes the problem a bit more complex.  We have some solutions, but I can't really discuss them here.

But after looking at the standard Model-View-Presenter samples, it make me feel more strongly that I really need to find the time to get back to the sudoku series, and hopefully I can produce a well documented series about why each choice is made.

Sorry for the delay.  I will be back.

--John Chapman 

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