Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Speaking At GANG

I'm going to be speaking at the Great Lakes Area .NET User Group in Southfield on September 17th.  I will be giving a talk about Rhino Mocks, and the how, when and why to use it. 

I am still putting the presentation together, so if you will be in the area and would like me to cover something specific, leave a comment.  Even if you won't be attending, let me know if you think there are points which would be helpful for the people there.


Dave Pease said...

Jon, it's about time you starting speaking - myself and a few others from my work are using Rhino.Mocks and will be at your talk.

Mr. Kevin said...

Hey John, I saw your presentation on Rhino.Mocks, and being inspired, I passed on some of what you were teaching. A few folks are asking to see the example you created. I recall you mentioning that you'd make it available in the near future. (Consider this a small poke in that direction. ;) Great job, by the way. I appreciate the inspiration!

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